Elixir E19022 Electric Optiweb 9-42

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Elixir have always offered strings that will last longer but many players felt that meant sacrificing on tone or feel. Optiweb joins the Elixir family as an option that gives you the long life without compromising.

A great set of strings to keep your guitar sounding the way you want for longer.

Strings: 9 11 16 24 32 42

Ever since pioneering coated string technology back in the ’90s, Elixir Strings has continually evolved its products to meet the needs and expectations of guitar players everywhere. Not only have we strived to provide remarkable tone life, but we’ve also aimed to deliver that industry-leading longevity without sacrificing the tone and feel players prefer. It’s a mission that’s made us the top acoustic guitar string brand. And now we are setting our sights on the electric market.

With our newest innovation, uncoated players get all the premium benefits of coated Elixir Strings without sacrificing the tone and feel they love. Backed by extensive field research, OPTIWEB Coating offers a more natural, familiar feel than both NANOWEB® and POLYWEB® Coatings and sounds indistinguishable from uncoated strings.