Slapklatz Drum Damper Gel

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The original 4 piece SlapKlatz package, containing 2 medium sized and 2 larger gels - all together in a small and pocket friendly container.With SlapKlatz you can not only dampen your batter heads, you can also dampen and control your bottom heads. Or cymbals!

SlapKlatz has been know for it's awesome stickyness, as well as it's ability to clean with just soap and water.
SlapKlatz makes the best drum damper on the market today.With SlapKlatz, you can control the sustain and overtones from your drums, making sure your drumkit always sounds its best!

SlapKlatz employs a specially formulated gel that has got the right weight, thickness and elasticity for the job and each tub contains two small and two large pads to give you handy options depending on the size of the drum and the amount of dampening required.

Not only that, but you can easily re-apply or remove SlapKlatz at any time, making it an extremely versatile sound control device. The SlapKlatz gel dampers offer a really sticky surface that will adhere firmly to coated or clear heads and they can also be used to suppress cymbal overtones should you need to mute excess ring, enhance stick definition or bring any high-end frequencies under control.

As an added bonus, SlapKlatz can be used as a handy drum bumper. Simply place on the drum shell to protect the lacquer or wrap against hardware or other shells positioned too close.