Yamaha THR5

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It sounds like some of the world's best stage guitar amplifiers, features super-high-quality guitar effects and - with a Mac or Windows computer - gives you a whole recording setup courtesy of Steinberg's Cubase AI software and the THR5's built in USB Audio Interface. A must-have for any electric guitarist.

Conventional amps work great on stage. But what about everywhere else you play? Most amps are just small versions of stage amps - but how you play at home isn’t just a small version of how you play on stage, so why would an amp based on that really give you what you need?

THR is the first amp truly designed to fit how you play off-stage. Everything you need is here: tones that push amp modeling to a new level, recreating the exact response and experience of playing a tube amp thanks to Yamaha’s exclusive Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology; ultra-realistic reverbs and effects to complement your playing and push you further; and true hi-fi quality stereo audio playback that no guitar amp can get close to - all wrapped up in a package designed to mirror how you really play off-stage.