Ozark 3515N Metal Resonator

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Slighter lighter than Brass, the all-solid Steel body Ozark 3515N Resonator Guitar offers a rich, metallic tone, generated from a single inverted metal 'speaker' cone, mounted within the Steel body.This is a great choice for Guitarists looking to explore the unique sound & tonal qualities that a Resonator has to offer. Notably, the all-solid Steel design with 'biscuit' bridge was highly favoured by Delta Blues players due to the superior volume & dynamics than those generated from wooden body Resonator Guitars.The 'Biscuit'-Bridge Single-Cone design gets its name from a small wooden disc found in the centre of the cone. The saddle is also crafted from wood, & sits in a slot in the 'biscuit'. The cone rests on a small ridge on the bottom of a well built into the Guitar body, with string vibrations driven to a single point within the cone, generating stronger fundamental tonal results with less complexity & overtones.The attractive features of this great instrument make it a fantastic, affordable choice for Guitar players looking to purchase their first Resonator who require an easy transition that offers full versatility.

  • Steel body
  • Nickel plated
  • Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Chrome plated fittings