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On display in store, where inspection & trial is advisable.

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SH Laney RB2

SH Stagg SW205 12 String

SH Takamine EG531SC Electro

SH Ozark 5 String Banjo Case

SH Epiphone DR100 Acoustic

SH Joyo 6 Band Graphic EQ Pedal

SH Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Wine Red

SH Roland Cube 30X


SH Guitar Resonator

SH Concertina

SH Bandurria

SH Brunswick BU4T Tenor Ukulele

SH Barnes & Mullins Tenor Banjo

SH AVID Eleven Rack

SH Takamine FD4035C Electro

SH Schecter Pete Townshend Tele

SH Laney GC80

SH Suhr Shiba Drive

SH Surge EP1

SH EVH Wolfgang Special

SH Stagg 3/4 Violin Outfit

SH Washburn Woodstock Electro

SH Tanglewood 12 string

SH Blackstar HT Metal 5 Stack

SH Fender Pro Junior III

SH Quincy 6 String Bass (inc case)

SH Ampeg BA115

SH Behringer AB100 Amp Selector

SH LH 3/4 Daisy Rock Daisy Electric

SH LH Daisy Rock Daisy Electric

SH Behringer FX600 Multi FX

SH Joyo JF15 California Sound

SH Squier Vint Mod Jag - Upgraded

SH Sterling John Petrucci 7 String

SH Boss GT001 Desktop FX

SH Line 6 FBV3 Floorboard

SH Countryman Steel Resonator

SH Blackstar HT1 Reverb Head

SH Yamaha SE110

SH Blackstar HT Metal 5

SH 1/4 Violin Outfit

SH 1960s Lignatone Guitar

SH LH Stagg Jazz Bass

SH Artemis Clarinet