The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme


The Assisted instrument purchase scheme allows students in local educational authority schools
to purchase musical equipment relevant to their studies at VAT free prices
(prices shown inclusive and exclusive of VAT when added to basket).

The purchase is done in conjunction with your school,
so firstly you must approach your school and confirm they are willing to act on your behalf
(ask your music teacher).

You can only buy equipment that is relevant to your studies
(and suitable for your standard of playing).
You must be receiving tuition at your school on your chosen instrument.
The equipment is first purchased by the school on behalf of the pupil,
then sold by the school to the pupil.

The school purchases the equipment from us at the VAT inclusive price.
The school re-sells the equipment to the pupil at the excluding VAT price.
Once you have confirmed with your school that they are willing to purchase the equipment on your behalf,
the school will place an educational order directly with us.
(We cannot proceed without an educational order number).

Once this order has been received the equipment can be delivered to, or collected by the pupil.
The pupil pays the school the purchase price (excluding VAT).
We invoice the school directly including VAT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
                                             Making an education or assisted purchase order


Unfortunately It is not possible to place educational / assisted purchase scheme orders via our website.

Please email or call 01352 758619.

To process an education or assisted instrument purchase order we require a copy of the OFFICIAL EDUCATIONAL ORDER FORM for the products..

Once the validity of the order has been confirmed the goods will be despatched (or can be collected).