Marshall DSL5CR

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The Marshall DSL5CR 5-Watt Valve Guitar Amplifier Combo has the classic style of Dual Super Lead, and crams immense power and versatility into a compact form. Ideal for practise sessions, jamming with mates, or just kicking back and playing at home, the DSL5CR has everything you need to hit the ground running.

The DSL5CR boasts an impressive all-valve setup, with a trio of ECC83 pre-amp valves that generate a raucous energy. In the power amp you'll find a single ECC99 valve that delivers a smooth output with the utmost consistency. With enough power here to tear the walls down, the DSL5CR is a magnificent little amp.

However, Marshall appreciate that not every situation calls for a loud output, but sublime overdrive is a must. Therefore, this little beauty is equipped with a power reduction switch that drops the output power to a manageable 1-Watt. Taking signal control even further, there is a 3.5mm jack output that allows you to practise in silence via headphones or take a direct recording output with studio cabinet emulation crafted by the genius crew at Softube.

Tone-shaping control

The classic gold front control panel sets out a range of easily accessible tone-shaping options. The single instrument input sits next to the Classic Gain controls with corresponding Gain and Volume dials. The classic gain circuit offers the coveted JCM800 tones that so many legends have taken advantage of. Hit the channel select button to access the Ultra-Gain circuit, which allows you to ramp up your tones to brutal levels of overdrive.

Both channels share the passive EQ section, with Bass/Middle/Treble controls on hand that allow you to shape your EQ with incredible precision. The corresponding Tone Shift button reconfigures the pre-amp mid frequencies when activated, making it perfect for metal styles, and a great addition to this high gain monster. The Deep switch adds a resonant bass boost to your output, increasing the low-end to fatten up the sound.

Rear panel connectivity

Across the rear panel you'll find a selection of connections that open the amp. As well as the 1 x 16 Ohm speaker cabinet, you'll find an FX Loop Send and Return for connecting external FX processors. The Emulated-Out jack provides a line level output for headphones or connecting to a mixer. The emulated output has been designed using Softube-designed studio cab emulation. You can rest assured that your headphone/recording signal offers the utmost fidelity for practise or recording.

Celestion Ten-30

The Marshall DSL5CR Combo is equipped with a Celestion Ten-30 speaker, which combines warm lows with a pronounced mid-range presence and articulate high-end. Cleans sparkle with clarity, whilst overdriven tones break up in the best possible way for an explosive hard-rocking output.

Classic Marshall design

The Marshall DSL5CR 5-Watt Valve Guitar Amplifier Combo adheres to the classic black and gold Marshall design we've all come to know and love. The solid enclosure is covered in hardwearing black tolex and black corner braces. The gold front panel complements the brilliant white Marshall logo.