Yamaha AC3R II Electro Vintage Natural(inc Case)

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The Yamaha 2017 AC3R ARE Electro Acoustic Guitar is a delightul concert sized model that bears all the hallmarks of a premium Yamaha product: solid build quality, amazing playability, and cutting edge SRT (Studio Response Technology) preamp/pickup system.

Versatile Concert body

The AC3R is crafted to the concert body shape, which has a more compact depth and profile compare to that of a dreadnought. The result is a timbre with greater emphasis on a punchy midrange energy, rather than a booming low-end delivery. Another feature of the concert shape is that it is more accommodating for those with smaller hands or arm reach, particularly younger guitarists - it is also perfect for fingerstyle players too. However, do not be fooled into thinking the concert is any less of a tonal powerhouse, as it boasts a remarkably generous dynamic range.

Yamaha has equipped the AC3R with solid rosewood back and sides, which gives the concert body a rich and sumptuous energy. Paired with the rosewood is a solid Sitka spruce top, which is reinforced with scalloped bracing to prevent unwanted buckling or warping over time. The spruce resonates freely to project a wondrous output that is infused with a sparkling clarity. Thanks to the implementation of solid tonewoods, the guitar will age gracefully to develop a unique timbre that enriches the instrument.

Comfortable three-piece neck

Fitted to the body is an expertly executed three-piece African mahogany neck, which is shaped with a straight taper profile to maximise playing comfort. Married to the neck is a luxurious yet durable ebony fingerboard, which is home to 20 frets that are adorned with decorative position inlays to guide your way in style. The back of the neck has been treated to a matt finish, and combined with the hand-rolled fingerboard the AC3R accommodates smooth transitions across each and every fret. Thanks to the single-cutaway body profile, the upper frets can be reached with ease.

Professional-level electronics

To guarantee that breadth and depth of the acoustic timbre is translated transparently when played through an amplifier, Yamaha has installed the AC3R with their proprietary Studio Response Technology (SRT) System, along with an SRT Piezo pickup. Manipulating the system comes in the form of Volume/Mic Select, Treble, Bass, SRT-Piezo Blend and AFR controls, giving you everything you need to attenuating and shape your guitar's output to suit your playing environment, playing style, and musical style. This versatile setup makes the AC3R a vital instrument whether at home, in the studio or live onstage.

Gig-ready hardware

The headstock is home to die-cast tuning machines in chrome, which uphold tuning integrity dutifully throughout your performance. Passing over the urea nut, and feeding down to the ebony bridge and urea saddle partnership, the AC3R is setup to optimise intonation and sustain. You can rest assured that once you tune up, your strings will remain faithful with minimal need for adjustment.

The finish of the body has been complemented by a tortoise pattern pickguard, which aids in protecting the body from unwanted nicks and scrapes. The soundhole is encircled by a rosewood/mahogany/black/white inlay. Completing the high-end finish is a mahogany and cream body binding. To ensure such a beautiful instrument is well protected at home and on the move, Yamaha has supplied each 2017 AC3R ARE Electro Acoustic Guitar with its very own hard bag.