Tonebone Radial Bigshot A/B/Y Switcher

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The Radial Tonebone BigShot ABY is an ultra-compact, 100 passive foot switch that provides true bypass ABY amp switching capabilities. The BigShot ABY is a practical tonebone utility pedal that allows you to switch between two amps or both together. Functions on the ABY include ground lift, phase switch and a tuner output.

Designed for the purist, the Radial BigShot assures the guitar signal is routed directly to the amp without any buffering, loading or tone altering circuits.

A built-in transformer adds versatility and can be engaged to eliminate troublesome ground buzz. Once on, you can ensure your two amps are properly in phase using the 180 degree polarity reverse switch.

A compact yet rugged design make the BigShot ABY ideal for pedalboards where space is valuable. As the BigShot is a passive device, there's no need for batteries or a power supply, making the BigShot lightweight and easy-to-use, just plug in and play.

Set the BigShot ABY up with two amps and a tuner for 'anytime' tuning adjustments, with an amp and tuner mute or even as an instrument selector, switch between two instruments with the right footswitch for the ultimate in versatility!

Features and Specifications

For further information about the Radial BigShot ABY, please download the product manual PDF from the link below.

  • Input: Input jack connects cable from your instrument
  • Tuner: Tuner jack common output that can be used for electronic tuner. Always on
  • Output-A Jack connects to main amp
  • Output-B Jack connects to second amp
  • Toggle: Footswitch selects between output A or B
  • Both Footswitch: Turns outputs A and B on at the same time
  • ISO: Engages Internal Isolation transformer on output B to eliminate ground loop hum
  • 180 Switch: Reverses the phase on output B. Only works when transformer is engaged
  • Lift: Disconnects or 'lifts' the ground from the cable shield on output B