Danelectro D Fab Overdrive

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A reproduction of the 1975 original Danelectro Overdrive pedal, which was commissioned by by a small California music shop. Considered by many to be the ultimate overdrive pedal.

The Danelectro FAB Overdrive replicates the sound of a valve amp being pushed too hard into clipping, where the guitar sound breaks up, though still sounds smooth and slightly compressed by the overdriven amp valves. Valve overdrive is a very musical effect because overdriven valves produce only even order harmonics, no odd harmonics. Even orders are harmonically related to the fundamental tone, and so sound musical to our ears.

The Danelectro FAB Overdrive has three roary controls, Level, Tone, and OD, plus a foot switch, with input and output jacks, plus a 9V DC input on the front.

Danelectro FAB D2 Overdrive Pedal Features:

  • Realistic tube overdrive
  • Responsive
  • Versatile
  • Level, Tone, and O.D. (Overdrive) knobs