Vox AP2CR Amplug MK2 Classic Rock Headphone Amp

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For that 100W classic, crunchy sound that British bands of the 90's and onwards favour, the Vox amPlug Series 2 Classic Rock headphone amp is the best choice for players that want to jam and practice without disturbing the neighbours. Get some British grunt and blend in the built in chorus, delay or reverb. To the outside world you are quiet but the sound that you will get through your headphones will be monstrous

The multi-stage gain circuit of the Vox amPlug Series 2 perfectly recreates that classic distortion that can only be gained by a tube amplifier!

Universal design

The amPlug series 2 utilises a foldable jack plug that can rotate through 180 degrees meaning whatever guitar you use, you can put the amPlug series 2 in a position that is unobtrusive and comfortable to reach. This unique design also allows for easy storage in your guitar case or gig bag.

Convenient and efficient

The Vox amPlug Series 2 has the ability to tell when it's no longer in use and after 30 minutes will automatically power itself off. This great function means your batteries last much longer.

For thise that like to practice to music, the Vox amPlug Series 2 can help you there too! The 3.5mm stereo jack input allows you to connect virtually any audio source which is then sent to your headphones along with the amp sound! Jam along with your favourite band or work alongside guitar tracks to improve your playing skill, all through your headphones, thanks to the Vox amPlug Series 2.