Marshall DSL15C

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The Marshall DSL 15C is part of an update to the DSL series, based on the best-selling JCM2000 DSL100 Head, and provides vintage Marshall valve tones in an affordable and versatile combo.

The DSL-15C features two channels, Classic Gain and Ultra Gain, with separate Gain and Volume controls for each. The Classic Gain channel is based on the 'clean' mode of a DSL100H's Classic Gain channel, while the Ultra Gain channel is based on the 'Lead 2' mode of a DSL100H's Ultra Gain Channel, which was influenced by a hot-rodded JCM800 2203.

There's a 4-band EQ featuring Bass, Middle and Treble controls, as well as a Presence knob. There are Tone Shift and Deep options also. Tone Shift reconfigures the tone network to give a new dimension to passive tone shaping and, when engaged and the Middle control is turned down, the amp produces an aggressive, scooped-mid, modern metal sound. The Deep button adds a resonant bass boost at the power-amp stage.

The Marshal DSL15C also features an output power selector, to switch between Pentode and Triode modes. Pentode mode outputs the full 15 watts, while Triode mode switches the amp's power output to 7.5 watts. Triode mode also produces a smoother, less aggresive sound.

The DSL15 has two outputs for 8 ohm speakers and an output for 16 ohms. It is fitted with three ECC83 pre-amp valves, two 6V6 and one ECC83 in the power-amp stage. The DSL15 has a well built chassis in Marshall's famous black and gold colours and comes with a two-button footswitch.

The main features of the Marshall DSL15C include:

  • Update to the DSL series, now includes a 15 watt combo
  • Two channel, 1 x 12" all-valve guitar amp combo
  • Classic Gain channel based on a clean DSL100H channel
  • Ultra Gain channel based on a DSL100H's gain channel, influenced by a hot-rodded JSM800 2203
  • Each channel has controls for Gain and Volume
  • 4-band EQ has controls for Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence
  • Tone Shift function adds a mid-shift and modern metal tone when the Middle control is cut
  • Deep function adds a bass boost
  • Fitted with 3 x ECC83 pre-amp valves, 2 x 6V6 and 1 x ECC83 power-amp valves
  • Features Pentode and Triode mode for 15 watt and 7.5 watt output options
  • 2 x 8 ohm speaker outputs, 1 x 16 ohm speaker output
  • Fitted with a 12" Celestion G12E-60 16 ohm speaker
  • PEDL90003 footswitch included
  • 505mm width x 475mm height x 255mm depth
  • Weighs 16.8kg