Mahalo 2031B MEB1 Solid Bass Ukulele Natural (inc bag)

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The Mahalo MEB1 electro bass is a thing of beauty, and a bass ukulele with a solid body to rival UBASS models. Perhaps Mahalo wouldn't be the first name you'd come up with when thinking about a really nicely made instrument at this price level, but they've really managed a coup with the MEB1. With American swamp ash and Canadian maple, arched body, active electronics with tone and volume controls and Aquila Thundergut strings, there is a bit of everything for everyone with this bass uke. Fabulous looks for those who value appearance, but also very good specification and really impressive bass performance when plugged in.

The through neck has a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets and there are sturdy black machineheads and a nice inlaid logo on the striking headstock. The active electronics are powered by a PP3 battery, which is included. Plugged in the performance is really strong, you'll have endless fun with this Mahalo bass, but also sound good while you're playing it!

The arched body is really interesting, with a concave back that means those of us with bellies on the larger side will find it perfectly fits over a tummy! Probably not what the designers had in mind, but hey, its a bonus for those of us who enjoy the odd pie or too (mmmm..... pies!). Without being plugged in, there is just enough volume to very quietly practice, but you need to plug into an amp to properly appreciate it. Strap locks in two positions are fitted as standard.

In conclusion the Mahalo MEB1 is priced below the majority of bass ukuleles, looks and sounds great and plays very nicely too, all while having a good build quality and well sourced materials. Put like that, and with looks like that, it may well be hard to resist this Mahalo electric bass.