Boss GP10GK (with Pickup)

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If it's versatility and power you desire, then the Boss GP-10 guitar processor is for you. Featuring Boss' unique COSM technology, this unique little box to deliver sublimely modelled tones that sound amazing. The sounds on offer include classic electric and acoustic guitars, basses and analogue-modelled synths - including the incredibly popular Roland GR-300. The tunings available include open tunings for slide playing, 12-string and dropped tunings - perfect for rocking out some powerful metal tones.
The COSM technology executes tones with absolute precision, allowing you to summon a huge range of different sounds with the greatest of ease. There are 30 different amps at your fingertips - inlcuding combos, vintage stacks and modern high-gain output amps - so whatever style of music you play, you're bound to find something you're after.

The built-in effects are taken from the excellent Boss GT-100 and include: overdrives, distortions, modulation effects, delays, reverb and many harmonising effects. The very smooth-playing onboard expression pedal, you can create volume level effects, as well as wah and pedal bend. Whether you have a normal pickup compliment or a GK pickup, the effects can be put to excellent use.

The brain of the GP-10 is incredibly sophisticated, with a powerful analogue-modelled synth engine that recreates an authentic representation of the Roland GR-300 analogue guitar synth, and a fat OSC Synth. With the GK-compatible pickup, you can blend the natural sound of your guitar with modelled sounds by using the "Poly FX" controls. There is a selection of electric guitar models - with different pickup combinations including humbuckers and single-coils -, steel and nylon-string acoustics, basses, banjos, resonators, fretless guitar and even a sitar.

Alternative tunings can be selected with the GP-10 itself, saving you the time and effort of adjusting the tuning machines on your guitar. Your creativity can flourish as you can change your tuning within songs in an instant! It also means that if you have your string setup and action exactly as you want it, you don't have to worry about checking intonation or resetting the action.

The GP-10 has an internal USB audio/MIDI interface that makes it easy to record straight into your DAW of choice. The Boss Tone Studio software is available as a free download, making it very easy to edit and organise the GP-10 patches on your Mac or Windows computer. By using the USB port, you can connect straight to the Boss Tone Central website to download patches that have been specially designed and created by professional players from around the world. Simply download, plug in your guitar and play!

This model comes with a GK-3 divided pickup, which opens up a greater range of features to increase your tonal option and enhance your recording experience. With the GK-3 you can send each individual string to a different track in your DAW for greater control and manipulation over your mix. As well as this you have the option to "re-amp" and "re-guitar" your recording, which means that you can adjust the signal after it's been recorded. Thanks to the guitar-to-MIDI function, you can use the guitar to play soft synths and input MIDI data directly into notation software on your computer.

The GP-10 is an excellent tool for any guitarist and can be put to excellent use in the studio, onstage or even just for practising. It is compact, enabling it to fit in any setup neatly. The construction is totally solid too, so you can rest assured that no matter what you throw is it, the GP-10 will always come back for more!