Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amp

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The Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amp and Recording Interface is developed to add new value to the guitar playing experience by making it possible to play the guitar indoors, or practically anywhere. THR5 is bundled with Cubase AI, Steinberg's professional music production application that offers full-fledged recording and editing.

Yamaha THR-5 offers simplicity and portability. Although the controls and layout are minimal, the guitar and audio sound are never compromised or sacrificed. The THR5’s five amp type modes, from deep, yet shiny clean to modern high-gain, are more than what performers need to easily enjoy playing the guitar.

The Yamaha THR 5 delivers the sound that you want and the feeling that you need with effects that enhance and complement your playing combined with room-filling reverbs and delays to push your playing to new levels. And thanks to THR5's unique design and focus, stadium-filling volume isn't a prerequisite - everything about this amp is designed to fit the way you play, right down to the need to keep it quiet sometimes. With tone and feel like this, you'll appreciate the ability to keep playing all night. Most of THR5's effects feature VCM effects processors. Based on the technology used in Yamaha's professional audio mixers, VCM effects give unsurpassed realism and quality.

The main features of the Yamaha THR5 Guitar Amp and Recording Interface include:

  • Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brit Hi, Modern Amp Types
  • Effects Feature Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, Delay/Reverb, Spring Reverb, Hall Reverb, *Compressor, *Noise Gate (*only available in the THR Editor)
  • Chromatic Tuner
  • Controls For Amp, Gain, Master, Tone, Effect, DLY/REV, Volume, Tap/Tuner Switch
  • Connections For Input (Standard Mono Phone), Phones (Standard Stereo Phone), AUX In (Stereo Mini), USB
  • 2 x 8cm Full Range Speakers
  • 10W (5W + 5W) Output
  • AC Adaptor (EADP-38EB A) Included
  • Powered By AA alkaline batteries (approx. 6 hours) or Nickel-hydride batteries (approx. 7 hours) * Depending upon usage and conditions
  • 271mm Width x 167mm Height x 120mm Depth
  • Weighs 2.0kg
  • Includes AC Adapter, USB Cable, Stereo Mini Cable, Cubase AI DVD-ROM