Barnes & Mullins BJ500m 5 String Banjo

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Throughout the past 120 years, Barnes & Mullins have always offered a number of Banjos, Mandolins and Ukuleles, but in recent times, the range has been limited to fairly standard, affordable models. Now B&M have returned to the field with new commitment and produced an exciting new range of quality instruments which are remarkably well priced. Top of the new range is is the Troubadour. Named after the Barnes & Mullins’ published music magazine dating from the late 1800s, this stunning and very Victorian looking 5-string banjo has a hard maple neck, burled maple resonator, and detailed antique gold hardware. Incredibly evocative of a great Victorian musical era this is a very striking and distinguished instrument

BJ500M Troubadour

5 string banjo

Neck : Hard Maple

Resonator : Burl Maple

Fingerboard : Rosewood

Rim : Maple Plywood

Bracket : 24Pcs

Flange : Flat

Head : Renaissance

Tone Ring : Rolled Brass

Machine Head : Geared