Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive

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Unique, distinctive, out of this world. The Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive brings a whole new persona to the acoustic guitar. Like a sound that's a little... unorthodox? Fender have hit the nail on the head with this all-analog Smolder Overdrive. It's completely different to the majority of acoustic pedals on the market. It's time to stand out, and break tradition with Fender.

There's many things that go hand-in-hand. Although, acoustic, and overdrive have never met that criteria, until now. Designed specifically for use with acoustic instruments, the Smolder Overdrive features a painstaking, meticulous design. And, thanks to Fender's expert know-how, there's no chance of tone-destroying feedback and unmusical characteristics. The overall result is a pedal that's perplexing, and utterly majestic in every single way. It's time to add some hefty distorted edge to your next acoustic performance.

Sculpt your acoustic sound - overdrive style

Designed by experts, born to perform. This Smolder Acoustic Overdrive features a modern array of features to meet your needs. Perfect for dialing in your individual tone, you have several rotary controls to play around with. So, to soften the attack of your acoustic piezo pickup, Fender gave you a pickup compensation control, ensuring your highs are as smooth as silk. There's also a drive dial to give you that smoldering, over-driven tone. Plus, with a 3-band EQ and filer controls, you have everything you need to sculpt your sound.

Play around with tone, treble, bass, pickup compensation, level, blend, and drive dials. Spend some time with this unique Acoustic Overdrive. You'll soon find your most preferred, most distinct, head-turning tone. This is a sound that you won't find elsewhere, and one that will set you apart from the crowd. Once plugged in, you won't want to play any other way. And, to top it off, Fender have even included cabinet simulation too. Immerse yourself in unique sonic flavour, something completely unworldly, but utterly spine tingling.


  • LED back-lit knobs show your control settings in the darkest of venues
  • All-analog design and Fender know-how prevents undesirable feedback
  • Cabinet simulation adds sonic flavour when plugged into an acoustic amp or PA
  • Classic Fender look thanks to Amp Jewel LED
  • All-original Fender circuit
  • Lightweight, durable design


  • Product: Smolder Acoustic Overdrive
  • Code: 0234550000
  • Series: Pedals
  • Dimensions: 2.90 x 4.90 x 5.40''
  • Weight: 1.70 LB
  • Chassis: Lightweight Durable Anodized Aluminium
  • Controls: Tone/Treble/Bass/Pickup Compensation Control/Level/Blend/Drive