Ampeg BA110 V2 Bass Combo

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The BA-110 is a mid-sized 40W bass combo amp that is ideal for home practice and small live performances. An auxiliary input provides connectivity to audio devices such as MP3 players, this enables you to play along with your favourite songs or backing tracks. Headphones can be connected via a 3.5mm headphone jack output located on the front of the amp for ease of access. The more modern functions featured on the BA series amps meet the need for versatility that today's musicians require, providing complete control over output and noise levels. The -15dB pad means that players can use the BA-110 at home with the classic Ampeg sound at a lesser volume as well as being using its full output for performances.

Ampeg is renowned for creating hard wearing, attractive amps that sound vintage and warm. The Ampeg tone tone that has become a classic and coveted bass sound is usually associated with large live performances, the BA series combo amps give bass players the opportunity to capture this classic tone at home. The bass scrambler overdrive circuit allows you to dial in some tube grit to achieve a heavier sound.


Modern Flexibility

  • True 60 degree sound reinforcement monitor angle
  • Aux input for playing along with smartphone or iPod
  • Headphone output for silent solo practice
  • -15dB input pad for active basses or additional level control

Rugged Portability

  • Protective all-steel amp chassis
  • Impact-resistant black metal corners
  • Durable double-thick Ampeg Classic black Tolex®
  • Lightweight, portable design


  • Output Power (RMS): 40 Watts at 4 Ohms
  • Speaker Type: 10" Ampeg Custom8™
  • Tone Controls:
    • Bass: +14/-20dB at 40Hz
    • Middle: +15/-10dB at 500Hz
    • Treble: +12/-16dB at 4kHz
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 478mm x 406mm x 330mm
  • Weight: 14.0 kg