Yamaha THR100HD Head

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Get ready to experience a whole new level of tone creation. THR100H Dual packs true dual-amp functionality into a single 5kg unit. Both amps feature five custom-voiced amp types with natural, organic overdrive, our own new ultra-dynamic power amp with selectable output tube simulations and selectable class A or A/B topology, independently assignable boosters, reverbs and IR speaker simulators, as well as selectable single or true dual-discrete inputs for genuine dual-path connectivity...

Ultra Dynamic Power Amp

A great amp always has a certain something. More than just great tone, it has dynamics that breathe life into every note and give punch to every chord. With THR amp heads, our engineers have captured the component-level interaction between the speakers and the power amp (the murky world known as the damping factor) and tuned it to perfection, achieving a new level of performance excellence, even at low volumes. Don’t worry about hearing the difference - you’ll feel it as soon as you plug in and play.

THR100H Dual offers 5 amp types

  • MODERN: An 'American-modded' version of the Lead amp-type, slightly more saturation and smooth, fluid overdrive
  • LEAD: Medium-gain British tone with rich, controllable overdrive and great definition
  • CRUNCH: Low-powered, bright British tone with soft touch and chiming high-end
  • CLEAN: Warm, rounded American tone with late breakup and incredible dynamics
  • SOLID: Clean, solid-state amp for zero breakup at any level

THR100H Dual offers 5 tube types

  • 6V6: Warm, soft, round sound with rich harmonics and easy distortion
  • EL84: Smooth feel with soft, tactile, harmonically rich response and a pleasingly musical top end. Widely used in modern class A amps
  • KT88: Big, clean, tight sound with outstanding headroom—great for rock, where more pronounced note definition is desirable
  • 6L6GC: Strong, pronounced midrange character and bright, clean, powerful punch. Commonly associated with American guitar sounds
  • EL34: Pronounced midrange, tight low end and crisp treble. The most recognisable British guitar sound

*THR100H Dual/THR100H do not incorporate physical tubes in its design. Instead, it utilizes Yamaha’s VCM Technology to faithfully reproduce the characteristics of each of these tube types.