Jowoom T2 Smart Tuner

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With a faster and stronger winding motor, a wider tuning range, and a larger tuning key adapter, the Jowoom Smart Tuner T2 outshines its older brother, the original Vertech Smart Winder VW-1. It is quick, easy-to-use and provides unparalleled accuracy for perfect tuning every time. The T2 takes the hassle out of tuning by tuning and fine-tuning your instrument in seconds using an extensive range of built-in and customisable presets. Perfect for players who use a lot of tunings on stage or just want to tune faster, the T2 is also great for studio musicians where tuning before each take is an absolute necessity. The Smart Tuner can also be used to restring your guitar or ukulele with ease, using its automatic winding feature. It is compatible with almost all stringed instruments with guitar-like machine heads and will charge with any standard USB charging port. So get more out of your instrument and buy one today!
  • Smart Automatic Guitar & Ukulele Tuner
  • Unparalleled Accuracy & Wide Tuning Range
  • Automatic Winding For Quick & Easy Restringing
  • Large LCD Panel & Intuitive 5-Button Interface
  • Includes Tuner, Large Peg Adapter, And USB Charging Cable