Non EU and tax free (Channel Island) residents may purchase goods from us exempt of purchase tax (VAT 20%)



If you are visiting the UK and are wish to return to your country of residence with goods you have purchased whilst on your visit, you are entitled to a purchase tax refund (VAT 20%) on any taxable goods.

The purchase tax (VAT 20%) is chargeable at the point of purchase and refundable when the goods are taken from the UK.

  • Any goods must be taken from the country within 3 months of purchase  
  • An official VAT customs 407 form must be completed at the point of purchase (supplied and completed by us)
  • An official VAT customs 407 form must be presented at the point of exit from the UK (airport /docks).

The 407 form is presented to the customs official at the point of exit from the UK.Once the form has been approved and stamped by customs (they may wish to see the goods & receipt) return the stamped form directly to us (via post). We then refund the VAT element of the purchase directly to you (as a credit card refund). 

Some smaller UK airports & ports do not have a full time customs officer. in this instance there will be a post box in which you will be able to leave the 407 form, the customs officer will stamp the form and return it directly to us. We will refund the VAT element of your purchase directly onto your credit card.  


If you do not get the form stamped (or leave it for the customs officer to stamp) on your exit from the country we cannot refund the purchase tax. 


All our stores carry the 407 form , it is completed in a matter of minutes at the point of sale.

We do not charge an administration fee for operating this service.




If you are resident outside the EU or live in a tax free area, we can export goods directly to you exempt of purchase tax (VAT 20%).

  • When purchasing via the website, all transactions are shown with purchase tax included.
  • The purchase tax (VAT) element is displayed as a separate figure during checkout, this figure will be deducted from the cost of your purchases before any payment is taken.

If you require goods to be delivered outside of Europe  we will initially need to calculate carriage charges for shipping your goods. To enable us to do this please contact us on  INFO@BACKALLEYMUSIC.CO.UK 

  • List the products you wish to purchase.
  • Leave us your full address for delivery.

We will email you with a total cost price including carriage (and excluding TAX).


If you then wish to proceed with the purchase

The order can be placed through the website.

  • Prices will be overridden to reflect the changes in carriage and purchase tax before any payment is taken.